We have been using public lands for a long time and that’s not going to change now!

The Colorado Committee of 3 Million represents the more than 3 million Colorado residents who enjoy the unique opportunities provided by public lands in Colorado as well as the 15 million visitors each year who enjoy Colorado’s public lands and contribute over $18 billion to the state economy.

With the vast majority of Colorado public lands under federal stewardship, efforts to transfer ownership of those lands to state or private entities would have far-reaching and disastrous consequences for the state economy and the majority of Coloradans who enjoy outdoor recreation on federal land. Preserving access to outdoor recreation protects the economy as well as the businesses, communities and people who depend on the ability to play outside.

Throughout America, people recognize that outdoor recreation and open spaces attract and sustain families and businesses, create healthy communities and enhance quality of life. Please stand with us to help preserve one of Colorado’s most important legacies and keep public lands open to all Americans.